Page Objects for Python

Page Objects are a testing pattern for websites. Page Objects model a page on your site and provide accessors and methods for interacting with this page, both to reduce boilerplate and provide a single place for element locators.

This project is an implementation of this pattern for Python using Selenium webdriver.

Quick Example

>>> from page_objects import PageObject, page_element
>>> from selenium import webdriver
>>> class LoginPage(PageObject):
        username = page_element(id_='username')
        password = page_element(name='password')
        login = page_element(css='input[type="submit"]')

>>> driver = webdriver.PhantomJS()
>>> driver.get("")
>>> page = LoginPage(driver)
>>> page.username = 'secret'
>>> page.password = 'squirrel'
>>> assert page.username.text == 'secret'


$ pip install page_objects

Project History

This was originally part of the pkglib project at, it has been forked to retain history.

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